That moment when the panic strikes

It all started as some kind of restlessness, uneasiness and a sense of impending doom lingering around my bewildered mind but again this wasn’t some cliché thing. A new monster was definitely penetrating deeper and deeper into my sub-conscious. Then my heart would start racing, the kind that one should feel either at the beginning … Continue reading That moment when the panic strikes


What really happened that day?

A few moments ago, I picked up my hymn book and got singing this song: “Blow, blow, blow till I be but breath of the Spirit blowing in me….” And all the memories came drifting in. I sobbed in what I can’t describe as I recalled the first time I heard it. The memory is … Continue reading What really happened that day?

“King David, the man close to God’s heart”

My Reflection: Samuel 1 & 2 “Are all your children here?” asked Samuel. “No, there remains yet the youngest, and behold he keeps the sheep” answered Jesse. “Send and fetch for him: I will not sit down till he comes here” said Samuel to Jesse. Soon David arrives; he was ruddy; had a beautiful countenance … Continue reading “King David, the man close to God’s heart”

Who am I?

 The baby’s head was fast approaching and I could hear the mother’s voice screaming and fading away in between the contractions, “Doctor help me”.  I rushed in, grabbed those gloves as fast as I could while telling her to hold on just a little, as if it mattered anyway. The baby was out in a … Continue reading Who am I?